Rules And Guidelines

All of the rules are subject to change and should be checked frequently. Following are the rules and guidelines of the server which must be followed by all members at all times.

1. General Rules

1.1. The Discord Terms of Service must be followed at all times.

1.2. Do not use DMs to bypass rules and restrictions.

1.3. Using other accounts to evade punishment in any way is unacceptable. This includes moving out of the channel staff is trying to address you in, or creating new accounts to bypass jails, bans, etc.

1.4. Leaking any NDA content will not be allowed while using server assets.

1.5. Abusing or manipulating FSATC assets is prohibited.

1.6. Absolutely no advertising of other servers unless an admin officially approves it.

2. Voice and Text Channel Use

2.1. Arguing in public is not allowed. Arguments will be removed, and action from staff will be taken if deemed necessary.

2.2. No jokes or memes about tragedies. This includes having callsigns of airplanes involved.

2.3. English is to be spoken on the frequency at all times.

2.4. Posting messages, photos, videos, or mp3s that are offensive or immoral is prohibited.

2.5. Soundboards, voice changers, and other audio manipulation tools are not allowed on live frequencies.

3. In-game Guidelines

3.1. Do not intentionally fly aircraft that will crash or lag other players. This includes but is not limited to, gliders, the Antonov 225, and the Airbus 380.

3.2. No use of AI Traffic packs will be allowed. Including, connecting to third-party services to spawn AI or cause chaos with the server.

3.3. Executing emergencies of any kind are only allowed with prior approval from ATC. If a controller asks you to stop your “emergency” at any time while you are flying, you must turn off the failure and resume flight as normal or end the session and reset.

3.4. Text pilots are allowed. However, they are to use the designated #sector-x-chat channels for the sector they are within.

3.5. While pilots are flying in the airspace of an active controller, they must listen to instructions given.

Bot Commands

AvBot Commands

!help Shows all commands.

!chart [ICAO]Example ”!chart VABB". Gives you the latest chart of the chosen airport.

!metar [ICAO]Example "!metar VABB". Gives you live METAR of the chosen airport.

!taf [ICAO]Example "!taf VABB". Gives you live TAF of the chosen airport.

!notam [ICAO]Example "!notam VABB". Gives you live NOTAMs of the chosen airport.

!brief [ICAO]Example "!brief VABB". Gives you live METAR, TAF and the latest chart of the chosen airport.

!icao [ICAO]Example "!icao VABB". Gives you information of the chosen airport.

!ivao [CALLSIGN]Example "!ivao AIC001" or "!ivao VIDP_TWR". Gives you information about the chosen call sign on the IVAO network.

!online [FIR]Example "!online VABF". Gives you information about all ATCs online under the chosen FIR on the IVAO network (currently matches by first two characters) [Under Development].

!vatsim [CALLSIGN]Example "!vatsim AIC001" or "!vatsim VIDP_TWR". Gives you information about the chosen call sign on the VATSIM network.

!zulu>Gives you the current Zulu time.

!zulu [ICAO] [Local Time]Example "!zulu VABB 1350". Gives you the Zulu time at the airport at the specified local time in 24hrs.

Rythm Bot Commands

Check for a list of commands

Groovy Bot Commands

To get started, join a voice channel and !!play a song. You can use song names, video links, and playlist links. A full list of commands is available here.

Support Bot

Command Prefix: $

Close ticket: $open/close

How to open a ticket: Use the command $open or the emoji toggle in #get-support.

Suggestion Bot

Command Prefix: ,

Close ticket: ,suggest

FP Bot

Command Prefix: %FP

File a flight plan using the command. Delete a flight plan using the $FP-DEL command.


Where: AAL226 is the callsign. I is for IFR (V for VFR). B738 is the aircraft type. KLGA is the origin. KDCA is the destination. 10000 is the requested cruise altitude in feet. BIGGY J75 MXE CLIPR2 is the route. CAN FLY STARS & SIDS is the remarks.

Information and bot made by DenimChicken#4950.


Command Prefix: $ATIS

View an ATIS using the $ATIS-GET command. Delete an ATIS you have made by using the $ATIS-DEL command.

Example: $ATIS|KJFK|A|31L|ILS|31L, 31R|RWY 4L CLSD

Where: KJFK is the airport. A is the information. 31L is the departure runway. ILS is the approach type. 31L, 31R are the arrival runways. RWY 4L CLSD is a NOTAM.

Information and bot made by DenimChicken#4950.

FSX Downloads


How to install FSUIPC

Step 1: Download FSUIPC:

Step 2: Install FSUIPC 4.974c (FSUIPC4.dll) into your Modules folder. If the folder is missing, create it. If the FSUIPC4.dll is already in the Modules folder, overwrite it to ensure you have the latest version (4.974c).

Step 3: Relaunch FSX. You know it installed correctly if you see the Add-ons menu button on the in-game menu

Real World Weather Injector

How to install Real World Weather Injector

Step 1: Make sure you have FSUIPC installed.

Step 2: Download and install FSRealWX by running the installer inside this .zip file:

Step 3: Make sure to select FSX during the install.

Step 4: Run the program FSXRealWX 2.0 while you are spawned into FSX on the ground or in the air.

Step 5: First click Connect, THEN click Download WX.


VasFMC is a free 3rd-party program that allows any airplane in FSX (including default airplanes) to have a simple FMC that can be used for more realistic navigation.

Download here:

ATC And Pilot Radar

How to install LittleNavMap

LittleNavMap is a program that allows you to see runways, taxiways, and other airplanes currently flying. This program or an equivalent makes controlling as ATC significantly easier than using the ingame radar scope. LittleNavMap is also very useful for pilots flying on the server. This program is HIGHLY recommended.

Step 1: Dowload the zip file and extract it.

Step 2: Import your Scenery Library by going to: Scenery Library > Load Scenery Library

How to install VRC

VRC is a radar service used for ATC. When controlling in FSATC this program will be more realistic and a little simpler then LittleNavMap.

Step 1: Download VRC here:

Step 2: Download ESJFS2018 here: and install it.

Step 3: Install VRC by running the downloaded VRCSetup1.2.6.exe

Step 4: Put the text file myservers.txt into your My Documents/VRC/ folder. <------- install here

Step 5: Download the sector file (*.SCT2) for the are you want to control:

Step 6: Step 7: Open VRC, choose the Default profile. Then, click File -> Open, and select the .SCT2 file for the area you want to control.

Step 7: Spawn into the FSX server, on the ground, unpaused.

Step 8: Open ESJFS and select all boxes except for the flight sims that are not FSX.

Step 9: In VRC, File > Connect then under the drop down click localhost.

Step 10: In VRC, you can display taxiways and other important information with the view tab.

How to install FlightPlanConnect

Step 1: Install the RTM version of SimConnect , located here: [FSX Root Folder] \SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-RTM\

Step 2: Download FPC (FlightPlanConnect):

Step 3: Install FPC by running FlightPlanConnect Setup.msi.

Step 4: Load into game the same way as VRC

Step 5: Click the "Connect" button. You should see "Connected" under "FSX" and "Listening..." under "ATC Client".

Step 6: Open VRC from your installation location.

Step 7: When prompted for a ""Session Profile", select "fsATC" and select "OK".

Step 8: When the main VRC window opens, select "File -> Open Sector..." and browse to the desired sector file for the area you want to control.

Step 9: Connect to game with normaly with VRC.

Step 10: When prompted for a ""Session Profile", select "fsATC" and select "OK".

Step 11: Controll with VRC and you are good to go.

All USA VRC Sector Files (March 2020):

Download the sector files here:

Maps for LittleNavMap

Download the maps here:

FSX Issues

Aircraft in game are constantly being desynced or bouncing around

Step 1: When in game, press the left 'ALT' key on your keyboard. This should bring up a menu at the top.

Step 2: Navigate to Options > Settings > Display.

Step 3: NUnder the Graphics tab (default, first tab) drag the 'Target frame rate' slider down to 30. Your display settings should look something like this (

Step 4: Click OK.

How can I get better FPS in FSX?

Here is a guide on Steam I have found to be very good for improving your in-game FPS.

How to use your GPU in FSX

Step 1: Open the FSX.CFG in your AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX folder in notepad.

Step 2: Make sure the top 2 lines are: [BUFFERPOOLS] and POOLSIZE=0

Step 3: Below the [GRAPHICS] section, add: HIGHMEMFIX=1.

I can't speak or use push to talk in FSX/I was told to run Discord as an Administrator

Step 1: To quit your discord, you must go to your taskbar (the bar at the bottom of your screen with your applications, next to the time in the bottom right) and find the up arrow in the bottom right, just to the left of the time.

Step 2: Click the up arrow.

Step 3: Then, find the green circle, right click it and hit "quit discord"

Step 4: Go to your Discord root folder. Open Windows Explorer and type: %localappdata%\Discord.

Step 5: Right click on update.exe and go to Properties > Compatibility > Run this program as administrator.

Step 6: Relaunch Discord.

I can barely here people while I'm in FSX

Step 1: Go to your taskbar (the bar at the bottom of your screen with your applications, next to the time in the bottom right) and find the up arrow in the bottom right, just to the left of the time.

Step 2: Click the up arrow, and right click the speaker. You may also see the speaker next to the up arrow. This is fine , make sure to right click it and hit Open Sound Settings > Open Sound Control Panel

Step 3: Tab over to Communications.

Step 4: Make sure Do nothing is ticked.

Step 5: If you are still having issues, make sure you run Discord as administrator. Consult the above instructions.